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This site is currently inactive as I have decided to move away from exclusively trading Forex in 2010 and as such will not be taking on new coaching clients in this area.


I have resumed my focus on coaching as a stock market mentor where I run a success guaranteed stock trading mentorship program


Additionally, you can now get access to what I consider to be the best stock options daily trade alert service.


Of course, I am biased and with a success rate fluctuating between 68.2% and 72.4% it is hard not to be biased.


If you do want to follow along with what I am doing every day you can get access to my daily stock market report 



You can read the step-by-step Bollinger Band Trading Strategy Guide - this is my main active trading strategy

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happy trading 

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Member Success Stories & Experiences

I have been a member of Phil Newtons Live trading room & website for the past 3 months since Mid August 2011. I had Previously been a member of the site for a period of 6 month s about 3 years ago – However, due to other commitments I put my forex trading exploits on the back burner for a few years at that time. I am delighted that I have made the decision to return.

The Live training room is (in my personal opinion ) the most valuable + useful learning tool of all as one sees Phil execute his current Furquad strategy in real time - live in the market. In that Forum - It is by watching Phil trading live and by the repetition of those trades that I personally find I learn best. 

The most valuable lessons in order to trade successfully in my opinion are those of price action and this is an area in which Phil particularly excels , I now believe that price action is the back bone of all technical analysis. I like many had previously spent many wasted year s seeking the “Magic system” that would yield consistent results, the reality Is that a good method incorporating a sound strategy based on price action fundamentals and sound money management are the only system that is truly consistent 

These are the practical applications that Phil teaches, Phils teaching method is in my experience excellent and despite the fact that he himself is trading - he always takes time to explain any issues that are raised, he has a unique ability to de mystify and simplify the concept s necessary for success in the simplest & most comprehensible terms. One can learn at their own pace in the knowledge that he is very much always available to answer questions at all times. 

Although he does trade live in the room, it is not a signalling service and the distinction is important – His Room and websites teaches and nurtures self proficient traders – the trades that are called are not called in order to hand people a trade without knowing why that trade is taken or the methodology and thinking behind it. The old parable about teaching a man to fish rather than feeding him are in this case particularly relevant.

Furthermore - the cost is certainly more than reasonable – particularly when compared to the financial cost of a few losing trades never mind years of in adequate results and the psychological damage that these can have on any aspiring trader.

On a slightly separate note - I have also gotten to know quite a few of the other members/students who are a nice and friendly bunch, all information is freely and openly shared between all students for the common good including useful programming information and tools for charting (a few of the full time traders are quite handy at the programming) in relation to the Furquad strategy being traded, (Some of the members have been with Phil for quite a number of years and are them selves full time traders)

I would recommend that any body who is considering Phils website and live training room as an educational option considers it very strongly.

Brian - via e-mail

Hi Phil,

I have joined the site and live trading room yesterday and have been blown away already. I am very excited to see where I can take this.

Stuart M - via e-mail 12th May '11

Hi Phil,

First day trading your system after reading most of the strategy pages on the website over the weekend. Easily the most successful day I've ever had trading Forex!!

Ed D - via e-mail 9th May '11

Hi Phil, 

I hope you are well and enjoyed the Easter break, have been meaning to write to you but had an extended holiday myself and only just back. 

I wanted to thank you for an excellent two months in the LTR which has completely changed the way I trade but more importantly the way I think about trading. I feel very comfortable with the strategy hence my reduced participation in the LTR prior to Easter. 

What I want to do now is harness all that I have learned and the ideas floating in my head and devise a personal plan, I do not feel I can do this and participate in the LTR at the same time. 

I am sure I will be back at some stage but until then I wish you the very best and again my gratitude. 

Kind regards

Mo S - via e-mail 5th May '11

Thanks for your help.

I feel I’ve come along way since first entering the LTR, when I was almost tempted to look for another for another forex method, as I initially felt I would never understand what on earth going on!

I’ve only recently got into trading, and have only started trading a live micro account this week. But I’m glad I’ve stuck with it now, it all seems to finally be coming together.

Jon M - via e-mail 29th April '11

Dear Phil. 

If I remember well, it's now two years since I came to the LTR. Wow!!! It's amazing how my trading has changed in this time. 

Two years ago, I was fascinated by coded backtesting, indicators and such complicated source of blindness and ignorance. Joining the LTR was like discovering a new ground. Your clever view of price action, your advice to manually backtest the ideas as a way to feel what trading them could be like, the importance of having a plan. 

I've learnt a lot from you, not just from your trading skills, but also from your patience and generosity. At this point I must apollogize as I've not been an active attendee, but I've learnt a lot (silently). Thats why now I feel the need to tell you how gratefull I am for the knowledge you've brought to me. 

Now it's time to walk my own way. That's why this will be my last month (so far) as a member of the LTR. 

Last 2 or 3 months have been a little headache for me and my trading, and I think I need a little time away from the screen...and that's what I will do. 

If, for whatever reason, I would be of any help for you or you come around Málaga, just mail me. I'll be always there to play the "amigo". 

All the best, Miguel.

Miguel - via e-mail 27th April '11

Many thanks Phil  for all your teaching and generosity with your knowledge.

James - via e-mail 19th March '11


I spent a lot of my first day with you today just listening and watching. I did take the last two trades and so far two targets on the short GBP/USD and 1 target on the EUR/JPY. 

It all seems so logical, compared to the moving average systems / stochastics  and ADX’s I have used in other strategies. In many respects they leave so much to subjective observation and the desire to persuade oneself that they have crossed or whatever is the setup that is being looked for. With just price, it either is or isn’t at the correct level. 

I enjoyed the little rant to think for oneself.  Well said......just hope I don’t have to ask a stupid question...but I am sure I will! 

So, thank you and I am looking forward to tomorrow. Also many thanks for ‘migrating’ me from website to live action! 

Kind regards

Richard H - via e-mail 7th March '11

...watching those swing method vids instantly gave me a set of defined rules and drastically reduced my thinking time. I don't have to sit and try to interperet bars.

Thanks very much.

Rooster - via e-mail 3rd March '11

Hi Phil, 

I have cancelled my subscription as I am not available enough of the time to trade the strategy consistently although I believe that if I was it could be profitable in the long term. I have learned a lot about trading and hope to be back in the future. 

I wish you every sucess in your trading.

Stephen C - via e-mail 14th Feb '11

Hey Phil, 

I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out last night in the trading room.  I learned a lot...

Thanks again, your a great guy and great mentor.

Conn - via e-mail 3rd Feb '11

First of all thankyou so much for "inventing" the chop zones and bias direction they have prevented me from so much pain and brought in the pips.

Gail C - via e-mail 21st Jan '11


Thanks a lot for the 2 days Trial! I take the service. 

Tomorrow I shall be on holiday, so , see you on Monday!

Have a nice week end.Cheers,

Pablo - via e-mail 13th Jan '11

Hi Phil

Well I spend one day in the LTR and I am having to put an extra column on my spread sheet for the all the pips made! 

So far a cracking week

All the best

Simon C - via e-mail 7th Jan '11


My constraint is having to be in front of the screen a lot as my lifestyle isn't always conducive to this.

I really enjoyed the live trading room and found it a richly rewarding experience. I like rules based trading and continue to recommend you and Trading Strategies to anyone I meet who is serious about learning how to trade... ...I can see me re-joining the live trading room once the kids are a little older.

Richard B - via e-mail 6th Jan '11

Hi Phil,

I was with the site about 4 years ago and the services helped me immensely in getting me start with forex trading. Glad to see the site is still alive and kicking.

Steve - via e-mail 5th Jan '11

Hi Phil,

Very busy at the moment, work and all. So no time to attend the LTR. Hopefully, starting from january, I will have more time available.

I was pleasantly surprised during the few times I managed to vist the LTR with the way you handle things. You seem to take a genuine interest in teaching your pupils. Nice to know.

No more a..kissing for now and off to the french Alps for me

Happy  x-mas  and new year!!!

Stephan - via -e-mail 17th Dec '10

Thanks Phil.

I appreciate the intro for the week video - have been struggling for about 3 years with daytrading and have managed to get to breakeven trading only. These days I have about 3-4 hours available once or twice a week so am looking forward to learning your swing trade strategies. I regret that I don't have the time available to justify LTR membership just yet - but soon I hope.

Thanks again for all the great material and the sharing of your expertise.

James G - via e-mail 6th Dec '10

Thanks for your webinars Phil.

After a year of despair and determination trying to be profitable at paper trading forex they have made me avery happy cookie. I nearly gave up.

I can now read direction of price like never before. It like I've been reborn. Cheers for making chart reading so simple.

Ray F - via -e-mail 5th Nov '10

Hi Phil,

That was quick! [My reply]

Many thanks for that, it was an oversight. I have found your web site brilliant over the year and it has helped me a great deal with my trading.I'm sure I will be be back in the future.

Kind Regards

Jim G - via e-mail 4th Nov '10

Hi Phil, 

I have been a member of your web site for quite a few months now but I am away for some weeks from the beginning of November and unable to concentrate on the markets, so therefore I am cancelling next months subscription.

This is by no means any reflection on the service you provide as I have learn a lot over the last year and found the site very interesting and will be joining up again in the new year.  

Wishing you all the best and thank you.

Steve - via e-mail 1st Nov '10

Thanks for your time... ...You are well respected in the trading community and it's great you're still teaching people.

Jim - via e-mail 15th Oct '10

Hi Phil,

Unfortunately i have to leave the Live Training room for a few months, with our new arrival... ...I need to keep up to date with all your blogs so i will sign up for the membership only access,i trust i can still email you with any questions regarding any strategy updates, thanks for all your hard work and late nights you put in its much appreciated and fingers crossed ill see you back in the room sooner rather than later.

Alex M - via e-mail 4th Oct '10

Hi Phil,

I have just attended your live session with FX street.  I am impressed by your scenario analysis and your belief about trading that it is not that complicated and it is simple.

May Via E-Mail 24th Sept '10

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the heads-up thur twitter yesterday on GBP/USD, managed to grab 61pips.

Zainol Via E-Mail 16th Sept '10

Dear Phil,

Many thanks for your time and patience and for sharing you strategy.

Rome Via E-Mail 24th Aug '10

Hi Phil, 

Just to say the Chop Filter was a simple great piece of kit. Saved me numerous occasions recently on the core swing.

Simon Via E-Mail 13th July '10

Phil's live trading room is a great education experience.

Phil practices what he preaches daily delivering fantastic insight into his trading ethos. This means he not only covers the strategy he employs daily to trade the Forex market but also unselfishly shares his knowledge brought on by many years of experience on all aspects of trading including appropriate money management, discipline and mental approaches.

The result is a safe environment for new traders who if they choose to apply what Phil teaches will build the foundations that will lead to them become successful, consistent traders.

The room will also give seasoned traders insight into strategies which break away from the norm offering fresh, simple approaches to tackling the markets.

Sprog - via reviewpips.com 18th Aug '10

I have learned so much from you ever since your 15 min breakout strategy however it won't surprise you to hear that I am a trader in my own right using my own strategies nowadays so the time for learning from others is not so much a priority anymore.

It may please you to know that i have also found success using just a single moving average and pure price action sequencing - much of which i learned from you and james16 (higher TF), you are the KING of lower time frames lol.

Many thanks for your excellent site I have recommended your price action teachings to many others.

Neerav V. Via e-mail 12 July '10

Another sideways choppy week, but our strategy comes out with 730 pips.... what can i say amazing.

I have made this strategy my own to suit my personality and its working wonders for me.

Job A, UK. Via e-mail 18 June '10

Thanks again, Phil.  The level of support that you have provided so far has been nothing short of brilliant!  It is much appreciated

Karyn C. Via e-mail 25 May '10

Just a line to say thank you so much for introducing me to "furquad" also your trading discipline ( I was one of your members, albeit slow to learn! last September) Furquad suits my personality and lifestyle, I know that I could get more out of it by scalping but that is not for me. By sticking to the plan has made me some good profits and reduced the losses when they happen. And guess what I am now looking at four pairs, that's progress for you!

Thank You again

Gail C. Via e-mail 12 May '10

Hi Phil


Its been a long time, i hope your trading is going well, as for me, i am really enjoying the benefits of joining your room last year, i have learnt a lot and still improving day by day.


I am now enjoying the stress free life as a full time trader with your 4 hour strategy, but  had my own twist and its working well.

Job A, UK. Via e-mail 23 April '10

I've taken a number of gems I got from the LTR and have been applying them to the strategies I'm looking at.

I enjoyed the last 3.5 months in the LTR and definitely got some info that will aid my long-term success!

Many thanks and all the best

Patrcik S. Via e-mail 1 March '10

I believe the service, energy, experience and patience you give in the trading room is unmatched anywhere and has been incredibly helpful.  I will no doubt want to take up the membership again when ready.

I have been looking at the Furquad strategy on a daily basis with a few very small tweaks. Trading one lot I am currently up 1815 point since mid November when I started. Which is ok for me trading at the end of day and having limited time.

Simon D, UK. Via e-mail 27 Feb '10

Thanks for all your help recently. This new FurQuad strat has really hit a groove with me, and I've done 3 weeks now. I've been completely disciplined about it, and have achieved 855 pips = 16% account growth. Very pleased with that, as I've kept risk below 2% on each trade. That also includes a couple of missed trades, and a couple of 'honest mistakes' whilst learning the method. If I replayed the month, I'd have made 1200 pips.

David B, UK

I would unreservedly recommend Phil Newton's Trading Strategiesand his Live Trading Room to anyone who is seriously considering trading forex for profit.

The room is full of like minded individuals all guided by Phil's expert commentary. I particularly like the fact that with Phil there is nowhere to hide. You see directly how he analyses forex markets in real time and how he applies the main strategies all of which are covered on the website in as much detail as you could possibly want. As well as the setup and active trade management mechanics Phil also helps less experienced traders master the mental issues associated with the trading. It's not easy and there's a lot of work involved but he's top drawer. Open a demo account, subscribe to the service (which has limited space so you may have to wait) and get trading.

You see directly how he analyses forex markets in real time.

rjb_01, OZ Taken from http://www.trade2win.com

Can I just say how impressive this (FurQuad strategy) is Phil. It must have taken a lot of time and effort to put together a system that is so well thought out and such a pleasure to use

Mark R, UK

I love the room and your teaching... It's worth a million dollars just to see the attitude of a highly disciplined professional

Erin, US

Well done with your new strategy. It certainly seems to be reeling in the pips.

Bill F, UK

Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday's live video.

I must have watched over 30 of your videos. However, even after that number, you always find a way to include some new gems.

I didn't think it would make any difference with yesterday's video being 'live'. However, for me - it did. A couple of things around interpreting price action & managing a trade just clicked into place when I saw your live video. Many thanks & keep up the good work.

I have no hesitation in recommending the site as a safe, honest & constructive place for budding traders.

Charlie, UK

I am starting to getting comfortable enough with these strategies that I can place an order in the morning before I get on a plane (if a trade exists) and just see what happened when I arrive at my destination.

I don't stress out by wondering because these are high probability trades.

Xavier, US

I want to thank you for the excellent job you have done on your website. 20 days after joining, I am truly advancing… I wanted to let you know, and personally thank you because I am really learning from you and your videos.


Phil, commenting on the review video: That was really helpful for me to see, I took the same exact trade off the news breakout I actually managed to capture 40 pips up, then like an idiot, and I totally accept the blame, I tried going long at the top of the pattern and got lost all my gains I made.. I think I'm going to take your advice and actually stop trading after a loss, come back during the next session to reassess the situation and also avoid over-exposing my capital to more risk.. Thanks.

...Phil, awesome video today of the pound. Glad to see that I was following and looking at the same setup. I also missed the 4:30am trend line break got up a half hour too late.. lol a nice 5 min candle closed below it at 4:15 followed by the clear break at 4:30 it never even retested the previous highs just went straight down.. I like your thought on looking for a hammer after a nice long candle move up or down. Im going to continue to trade with a plan each day and not trade blindly. Thanks.


Hi Phil, I don't know if you read my comments on the board but please thank your mate. The Pin video tutorial was 1st class.


David, US

As I stated in the beginning when starting with Trading Strategies, that it's a Godsend, I still feel the same way today, for it has increased my knowledge base extremely. The site has presented the evidence of what, why, when, and how, plus substantiated it all by visuals and videos of the possibilities in the FX market.

Now, if I could get my discipline in check, i.e. fear and greed, I can also have success. Not only yourself, but also the other experienced traders have given valuable advice and comments, to help a newbie to get started on the right track.

I saw the latest training videos on the PSAR and Pbar. Fantastic info.

Walter Czernenko

Todays video was excellent, Phil. It was really useful to see it live. What really struck me was your calmness throughout.



Like many people new to trading, I initially imagined some easy secret formula that would quickly lead to huge profits, with minimal effort … Thankfully, I discovered Trading Strategies just as some common sense kicked in, and I began to work on learning to trade properly.

The environment Phil has created on this site is tremendous, achieved simply as a result of his and other contributors’ willingness to give their time to help others.

The emphasis is very much on learning for yourself rather than being spoon-fed…A very successful formula in my opinion, as in my own case, my knowledge and trading ability have increased exponentially in the 18 months I have been an active member of the site.

I can honestly say that the help and encouragement of the Site’s members has made all the difference in my own trading journey!

David B (aka: BroadSword)

After watching the GBP video posted today I thought that I would drop you a quick line. Mostly is just to thank you for the fantastic job that you're doing with the video reviews. I am making a lot of progress, and this is almost entirely due to your explanation of the trades that you posted. I am disecting your trades and apply what I learnt to trade real time.

Aurel (aka dacul), CA

There are several things I like about this site which make it unique:

There are detailed video tutorials and reviews. Experienced traders give their thoughts on the current market and what they are looking for. Lastly helping and encouraging newer traders to develop by answering their questions and explaining their own strategies.

Jim Bignell

After spending two and a half years learning how to trade, I found that I had acquired some knowledge but didn't have any technique for entering a trade when the opportunity presented itself or for determining what price action supported or disqualified a prospective trade. The Trade Reviews on this site were priceless in teaching and taking me step by step through the process of evaluating, entering and exiting a trade. Without these, I would still be lost in the woods.

The forum and the contributions of all members is in itself a great asset. From reading the varied evaluations of what the market is doing and also being able to know how others entered and exited a trade is great for the learning process. This site is an indispensable tool for anyone who seriously wants to trade.

Karim Nathoo, San Jose, Costa Rica.

After having searched the web for good training materials and education in regards to FOREX, I happened across your advert on FXStreet and it changed my trading life. What I found was a phenomenal amount of information on how to create a strategy that will work for you. This information was backed up by a forum that is second to none in delivering information, advice and analysis from seasoned professionals. Phil's video reviews of his trades, both winners and losers, include audio from Phil on his thought process while the trade is in progress and are possibly the best the Internet has to offer at any price. What's most fantastic is the help given out so unselfishly in the Trading-Strategies forums by Phil and the forum members.

Thank you Phil for delivering the best Forex site on the web.


Jack Walsh

Just wanted to say thanks for creating this very unique and beneficial trading education site. I feel I learned more in just the first month of membership than in my previous 2 years of trading frustration. The emphasis on fundamental technical analysis and price action has been especially beneficial. As with most people, I find the video reviews to be very helpful in learning how to enter, manage and exit a trade successfully. I also feel the more experienced traders on this site who so willingly share their vast knowledge and experience as well as provide encouragement to newer traders are a great asset. As you mentioned on the forums last week, finding the right support/resistance price levels to execute a trade has been the hardest thing for me so far. Any additional emphasis on this aspect of trading would be most helpful.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Kyle K

I am just a new subscriber to your site having just subscribed today, and already I have found so much useful information in tutorial videos and video reviews.

Majella Vallely

I'd like to congratulate you for all your effort to share with us your great knowledge. I am a beginner. I have been into this for the past 8 months... I was trying some others methods to learn, but none of them compare with yours. I really thank you for that. Before I met you, I was losing about 80% of my inicial balance, after one month with you this percentage have changed substantially.

Sandro Higuchi

Thank you for the great site, what a wealth of info you have presented here. I am a part time trader and have been quite successful over the last 18 months. Have studied hard and have looked at all the methodologies, TA, FA etc and feel I have a good mix of what works for me but hey there is always room for improvement. I plan to go full time at the end of the year.

All the best

Greg McCann (Gregdicon)

I just came across your videos on www.fxstreet.com and I think they're great and you sound a bit Liverpudlian to me as I am originally from that area too. You really sound as though you know what you are talking about.

Rob Bernard