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Ranges, Fibonacci Basics, Pull Backs, Essentials, Trading Plan

Trading with Average True Range (ATR)

ATRTradestation, my current charting provider has a good tool called Radar, which allows me to have the Average True Rang

Range Reversal

Previously we looked at the range break out and we considered the following as a consideration of when to trade which pattern, "the move into the range dictate the most likely direction of the break out move, 65% of the time it is a continuation pattern 35% of the time it is a reversal pattern."

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Fibonacci Pull Back

Following on from the Fibonacci basics article we can now start to use a structured approach to identify and trade with Fib levels.

Trading Fib levels is pretty much the same as trading a pullback but you are using fib levels to determine where and when you you will get into a trade and place your stop loss level as well as identify your target levels.

Range Break Out

Range Break Outs form the basis of my core trading. Generally speaking I call most consolidation patterns a range whether it is a triangle in one of its many guise's, a head and shoulder pattern, and so on.


As with all strategy and methodologies there are some essentials you need to know before you can understand how to implement and follow my logic when trading.

Swing Strategy Objective


As the saying goes there are many ways to skin a cat, in terms of a range it is usually it is pretty simple to "see" a range and I believe people get a little hung up on this point.

I will start by Identifying two types of range. 

  • Intraday Range
  • Longer Term Ranges

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