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week commencing april 10th

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Last week (while I was off) saw some interesting action (and gave me thinking time too...!). Non-Farms came in a little mixed with a downward revision of feb's number, while the march numbers came in above expectations. ECB didn't raise their rates, and left out a few key words like vigilant and so forth from their statement. The rises in EuroDollar suggested that the market was antyicipating that European rates would rise more from here than US ones thus narrowing the premium differntial US rates currently have. Jury is still out on anything beyond 5% in the US, while the question of 2 maybe 3 rises this year from Europe still seem alive. A lot of Hot air? maybe. What if Fed move for 5.5% this year and ECB to 3.25%, then the differential has remained the same. This is where other currencies especially could impact, and equally while US really would be at/near the end of tightening, would the ECB? Then there's a few countries re-balancing thier reserves towards Euro and away from Dollar. Trading Oil in Euro's too? (small amounts in the grand scheme of things but more to jump on the band wagon maybe?) Snow 'might' be on his way out and the rumour mill suggets the whitehouse is becoming more comfortable with a less strong dollar. (as far as that goes - we'll have to wait and see) So on the surface of things it starts to bode much better for the Euro and by association other Europeans. (all my opinion of course). I'm sure the real fear would be a mass exodus and panic Dollar selling. (Could happen I guess - the stage is there...) It's clear that every single snippet of anything that could relate to rates and yields and differentials is being poured over with a fine tooth comb, so we'll see soon enough how this jittery market plays out.