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Week Comm 3 April

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the 'mad month' of march bites the dust with a gratefully flat end to the month-quarter end fixing then!!......well from our point of view anyhow - could have been a hell of a lot worse volatility wise, but that's trading for ya huh? :mrgreen: and not too much difference in the chart postings at the beginning of this weeks thread, than the one's slung up since I was last here! it's a case as "as you were" regards the majors anyway.....one or two exceptions have been trending away merrily during March, but the Greenback has been waving his big stick over the "majors" playground like a teacher with toothache the past few weeks............. not much to deliberate/debate really, other than watch the range boundaries - they're clear, mostly self evident & certainly protected well with sufficient bid-offer action to allow reasonable & safe negotiation. lots of background (fundamental) noise still deafening the technicians, and it's tricky to set your stall out one way or the other at these levels, but the ranges are continuing to throw up decent pattern plays for most flexible strats!!................