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Week Comm 20 Feb

Phil Newton's picture
lets keep this weeks picture confined to the near term clack which Cable again finds itself embedded within......... this is a real tug the past few weeks attempting to string a line out in either direction lol, further confirming the intraday style/stance most folks are having to take on this pair........... not wishing to continue repeating ourselves, but until this 7515 top barrier pops with decent follow thru, Cable is at the mercy of $ Bulls, and it's butting another strong barrier opening into next week.......... impossible to assess how Monday will pan out with the U.S volumes likely to be subdued, but they just might try heaving & shoving this thing upwards in the absense of any major counter artilliary.......... should it run out of steam & consolidate, so much the better - as it might inspire the Bears to mount a stand off on or around 7375 to try maintain the higher low trend kick.......... either way, we'll undoubtedly get our continuation-reversal signals for yet another fraught, frustrating week of action.......... good luck & keep those eyes/ears peeled for traps!!!