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Week Comm 23 Jan

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so, we find ourselves back in familiar territory again huh? price has certainly tested the trapdoor of 7500, and found it to be a solid floor thus far.....it houses 2 top fibs from the hourly/4hr frames & a daily s&r line stretching back thru 4th quarter 05. 7500-7600 is quite a hot zone for Bull/Bear combat, and in the near term the Sterling Bulls are still winning this one......I offered a very brief outline of the generic fundamentals on Friday, and they will have a very big bearing on where this pair decide to sprint to next.......... again, the Daily frame offers us a broad outline of where we are in relation to the wider landscape, & the 240min zooms us into the prev months action......it appears messy & unorganized - but we have clear barriers (either end) in which to aim at & work our plans from..... even though we're ranging, we can still look to the usual candidates (round numbers-asian tops/bottoms-fibs etc) for guidance.....this range will break, just be patient with it & don't abandon your rules in the hope of catching an early bus.........they generally provide a pretty good service on these lines :wink: