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Mids blog | Week 9

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This week was my last week in the LTR. I've been a member since the end of May and have learnt an awful lot since then thanks to Phil and several other members on here. For anyone considering it I really do recommend joining up as you'll experience far more than what's on the website.

Over the last couple of weeks I've come to realise that maybe I have focused too much on 'the system' with trying to prove to myself that I have an edge that I can rely on. I've recently read some interesting articles about self discipline and attitude and had some very good advice offline which has convinced me that I need to spend some time concentrating on consistency to get to the point where I can trade 'like using a slot machine' as Mark Douglas puts it. Trading without making mistakes, without reservation and without hesitation and to understand the probabilities of a trading system.

Some of the sessions in the LTR are pretty in depth, looking at the system, or technical analysis or even future R&D and I find myself engrossed but the downside at times is that I am not fully focused on my trading. I accept that, I've learnt a lot, it was the right thing for me (it's certainly not a criticism) but I'm at the point where I fully understand the intricacies of the system so I want to really concentrate on extracting the most from it. I've done a fair bit of backtesting over the last few weeks and this shows better results than my live trading. I already knew that really as it's obvious that Phil gets much better results than I do.

I still intend to be a member on the website to watch how things progress, I may even get back into the LTR at some point but for now it's time to focus and see if I can make some progress with my consistency.

Sorry for the wall of text. The blog is for me more than anything else but thanks if you made it to the end Smile