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RNB Ninja Indicator

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Hi guys

My second blog entry has been a long time coming :) I had planned to write more on my RNB ideas and so on but just haven't got round to it yet, it's one of those things where the more you learn the more you realise how much more you have to learn, so I have put off writing at the mo, although what i can say is that slowly but surely I am having more green days than red days, so things are on the up and up.

In the mean time I said I would try offer things of value back to the site when I can so I have knocked up this indicator for Ninja Trader users.  Just download the attachment and go to File->Import NinjaScript and import the file that's attached.

Once imported if you go to your charts and look for the indicator called RNB Signals and add it to your chart, it's straight forward the only two config options are for the bollies and they already default to RNB standard.

Basically the indicator will paint every reversal signal a different colour from your normal bars, it sees all signals as below:

Blue Bars - Any close outside followed by inside bar or any of the classic reversal signals, example spinner, bearish engulfing, bullish engulfing, hammer, shooting start etc.

Orange Bars - Bar Blends, these are bars that are blended and form, hammers, dojis, shooting stars etc.  (Bar blends will incorporate the rule to make sure that bar blends breaks the high).

Magenta - Bullish Engulfing with 2PQ

Black - Single Doji with 2PQ

Blue - Piercing Line Bar with 2PQ

Magenta - Bearish Engulfing with 2PQ

Green - Dark Cloud Cover with 2PQ

Dark Green - Shooting Star with 2PQ

2PQ = 2 pre qualifiers.

 Also the signals will make sure that the reversal bar breaks the high etc.

 So basically these signals should all be exactly as RNB signal rules, I have been using this for a while and they all seem good, if anyone spots any problems let me know and i will fix, my email is Ross_Highet@o2.co.uk.

One thing to note, is that because this just paints bars it can't take account of your trades, so some times you will get painted bars right next to each other when in reality that would not happen because your trade entry would force you to start counting your PQs from the entry where as here we have no entries as that's up to you, I couldn't count PQ's from previous signal because that would assume that you always took that particular first signal and would ignore the second which might be invalid depending on the time of day etc. 

Anyway, let me know any feedback, if people use it and find it useful then I could stick some sound alerts on it when I get a bit of spare time.

Happy Trading All


RNB.zip9.4 KB