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Week Comm 9th July

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Blithe wrote:
On another note is it just me or have there sprung up buy to let companies that are trying to enroll people to take the credit risk for them? have got several invites to hear people who made their money in property lecture you on why property investment is the best place to park money and why they can never go down in value. Also why you should let them buy properties for you in your name because they are so good at it. Well granted there is an element on D-S in the UK, but looks strange that after buying several properties these gurus want to take the less risky route and encourage other people to take the risk for them? Maybe its just selling a service (one they have learnt to be good at, no different from money managers) or is that they no longer want to take the risk themselves? Price rises in the past obviously attract people like bees to honey.....
Could well be. Lets face it, there's been some pretty hefty increases in cap prices, and yields have fallen off a lot in the last 10 years due to cap price increases. These probably will slow down a lot from here on in as interest rates start to 'normalise' again after their lengthy stint very on the loose side. Few years back I created a model on this and it wasn't hard to see how it all worked out well with incomes of say 9-10 mths only covering costs including 3x leverage interest payments, and cap gains outperformng at 10-12% on headline value (~40-50% on underlying cap) not to mention very cheap and falling credit costs, it was a most viable proposition for them that wanted to get heavily into it. The model is now in the process of tilting over the other way, and the low yield vs higher cost of gearing, vs lower cap grth rates is making the model look protentially a little anaemic when current trends are pitched forwards. That said though, property investments made several years ago would still perform pretty well if original financing was still in place (at 3x gearing) due to the continued high and rising yield and falling gearing when/if marked to market. refinanced to release cap tho, the picture is a little less exciting for the reasons above. AS with all markets, it really is a question of TIMING! A good bear market in housing would have the effect of leaving some excellent investment opps on the table for them that want at sensible prices. Lets face it, it really is only what the value investors do with other types of assets isn't it?