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week comm 22nd Jan

Natalie's picture
Greetings and salutations! (OK that's the dictionary swallowing bit done) Going into the next week there's not too much there that I'm interested in. Friday was interesting since although the US data was generally upbeat, the dollar remained pretty flat. - End of the week blues perhaps? A reluctance to buy more after the week's moves (and going into a weekend)? A tired market? I've no idea, but that divergence is something I've noted and will see how the technicals develope around this event, and how data comes out in due course this week. On that note, the US cupboard is pretty bare till the latter part of the week when get get more trumped up numbers on the state of the housing market. IN the meantime, the Eurozone is printing things like German PPI, New Industrial orders, Consumer confidence, various business readings, The (anticipated) current account SURPLUS! (not the deficits that US run), all of which are expected to have improved. Wednesday we get to see the BOE minutes, So there's plent y to be looking at. Althoguh, how much of this will be market moving is anyones guess and much of it will be storms in teacups, It could be enough to mark a turning point in the Euro's short term fortunes back to the greater trend? And since Traders don't seem to care a jot about the US deficits, why should they care that EU is posting a surplus? (The pendulum swings ever so slowly and realisation of the fundamentals will surely come home to roost eventually?) I may have lept off that BGPJPY trade way too early, so I'll be keeping any eye out for continuation noises and playing those with great care. Either way, a Target is a target and should be rspected (which I did). I would have preferred to have seen Japan raise during last week, because that would have capped off the speculation about will they won't they and when might they? We've got the whole charade to go through again next time around (That's what you get with political veto's I guess...) I don't think it has helped BOJ's credibility much (sadly). So that's the backdrop for the week as I see it (the quick version... :wink: ) Have a great week.