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Phoenix | 30th April '09 | Dax Futures price update


This is for that Dax futures update.

The little tickle mentioned yesterday  4722 turned into a nice laugh 4810 (presently)

Although that's not what I want to mention here.

Choice of broker/ sb co etc, very important.

A mate mentioned a sb co doing a contest and asked what I thought of them and their software.

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Phoenix | 30th April '09 | price update


Update on recent usd/jpy trade. Just to answer a quick e mail.

It is a good idea to have a 'long' book and a'short' book running if you can. (Not always easy to do).

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Phoenix | USDJPY | price update


Well, overnight stop triggered so trade over. Nice run down (when it did eventually get going) from 9895. A few pips in the bag and wait now for another set up.

Has trend changed?

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Phoenix | Dax & FOCM Thoughts


I know Trading Strategies is a FX site but trading is trading.

Dax futures near a balance point for me for a break out buy at around 4722

and is gently heading upwards towards it. It has been teasing just under this area for some time now.

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Phoenix | 29 April '09 | USDJPY price update


Update from a few minutes ago. Clearer chart as well!

Price has returned overnight back into new trading channel.

Emergency hard stop has been moved down to lock in around 250, so nice safe trade whatever happens. Could exit now for an extra 50 or so, but no need to be impatient.

There is also a nice place to add to trade should it continue down.

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Phoenix | 28th April '09 | USDJPY price update


Had to get another trader to send over his updated chart. This is todays chart taken a moment ago.

When trade was first intiated it did drop for 80, then reversed back into channel, before dropping 50 and reversing, then staying in channel for 2 days before behaving itself and making this current move.