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FurQuad Snatch | EURUSD Review 7-9 Sept '11

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Hi Folks, 

How have you fared in these current markets? Price movements never cease to amaze me moving from one extreme to another very quickly, not really seeing much movement sustained in any single direction and then wham! some significant trends start popping up all over the place.

My general philososphy is to be on it when it moves and does mean I might have to sit through some pretty poor conditions which you will have seen through August. 

When Price does put in a more significant movement I will therefore always be well placed to participate in those movements as you can see from the image below. Members can watch the video walk through of the strategy as we played some of those movement in the Live Training Room.

The FurQuad Snatch straetgy keeps hitting these big movements very nicely indeed as your always going to be on it when it starts moving


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